Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 96 - Magic Weapon Transformation

Chapter 96 - Magic Weapon Transformation

Chapter 96 - Magic Weapon Transformation

After choosing the weapons to devour and clicking Level Up for the Abyssal Blade...

The Abyssal Blade suddenly let out a dragons roar. Countless black flames started emerging from the blade of the sword. The black flames then transformed into a dragons head, immediately biting at the weapons that had been chosen. The dragon devoured the weapons, bite by bite.

In the blink of an eye, the black flame devoured all eleven Mysterious-Iron Weapons, and all of their essences flowed into the Abyssal Blade. The Abyssal Blade no longer looked like a fire poker, and it now gave off a faint cold feeling of sharpness. The blades color and luster had also become more rustic, similar to a blade covered in dust for many years.

When Shi Feng held the Abyssal Blade once again, the weapon felt slightly heavier than before. He felt a refreshing feeling when his hand wrapped around the swords hilt. Shi Feng then waved the sword a few times.

Hua... Hua... Hua...

The air was like paper, creating tearing sounds as he sliced it apart.

The boss of the Weapon Shop was also a forging expert. When he saw this, his mouth opened wide in shock. He even nearly pulled out his goatee.

The ordinary-looking weapon was actually so sharp that it could easily surpass a Fine-Gold Weapon. If it were utilized properly, it might even be able to break apart a Bronze Weapon with a single slash.

Good sword! Shi Feng waved the Abyssal Blade a few more times. After leveling up the sword, Shi Feng felt that it had become much more suitable for him. He then checked the Abyssal Blades Attributes.


[Abyssal Blade] (Magic Weapon, One-handed Sword)

Attack Power 39

All Attributes 14

Attack Speed 5

Ignore monsters level by 5 Levels. Attacks have a 15% chance to cause 2 times damage, 10% chance to induce Doom Curse, reducing all stats by 40%, lasting 30 seconds.

If wielder belongs to any Swordsman Job, all Skill Levels 2. Increase Free Ability Points received by 2 points for every increase in Level.

Equipment Level 5. Can be leveled up. (Devour ten Level 10 Bronze Equipment and one Level 10 Mysterious-Iron Equipment to level up to Level 10). Can be evolved (Unknown).

Additional Skill 1: Phantom Kill. Instantly creates a doppelganger. You can control this doppelganger. Doppelganger will have 50% of original bodys Attributes and all Skills. At the same time, doppelganger and the original body can be swapped. Duration of 35 seconds.

Cooldown: 5 minutes

Additional Skill 2: Abyssal Bind. Binds enemies and prevent movement, reducing Defense by 100%. Duration of 3 seconds.

Cooldown: 1 minute

Additional Skill 3: Nine Dragons Slash. Instantly create nine phantoms of the Abyssal Blade for the wielder to use, each phantom sword is capable of dealing up to 30% damage. Duration of 24 seconds.

Cooldown: 5 minutes.

The Abyssal Blade was personally created by master smith Olysses using the Black Dragon Kings fangs as material. It is one of thirty-six famed swords, and it is ranked 31st. However, this sword has been cursed by the Black Dragon King. Aside from being able to provide the wielder with immense strength, there will be a Backlash every period. However, after being remodeled by Jack using a Star Crystal, the strength of the Backlash has been greatly reduced. If the wielder is unable to suppress the Backlash, the wielder will receive the curse of the Black Dragon King, permanently reducing All Attributes by 50%.

Unable to be dropped.

Unable to be traded.


The Abyssal Blades Attributes increased by quite a lot. Just its Attack Power alone could rival a Level 5 Mysterious Iron Two-handed Weapon. With the Basic Attributes included, it would far exceed even a Level 5 Secret-Silver Two-handed Weapon.

It was a One-handed Weapon that had the destructive power of a Two-handed Weapon. Moreover, a One-handed Sword was much lighter, and its speed was much faster. That meant the Abyssal Blade possessed both the destructive power of a Two-handed Weapon and at the same time, the lightness and speed of a One-handed Weapon. This was the terrifying part of Magic Weapons, and only master smiths were capable of forging such weapons.

With such a result, Shi Feng was looking forward to the Abyssal Blades rise to Level 10.

Originally, Shi Feng intended to sell off the Level 10 Fine-Gold Greatsword he had obtained from the Sun Temple. However, he dismissed that notion. If he were to let the Abyssal Blade devour this weapon, he wondered just how much of an increase the Abyssal Blade would have.

However, it was but a thought of Shi Fengs. To obtain an overall positive increase, it would not be possible just depending on a single weapon. Shi Feng would, at the very least, need to pair it up with ten Level 10 Secret-Silver Weapons. Currently, even Mysterious-Iron Weapons were as rare as a phoenixs feather, not to mention priceless Secret-Silver Weapons.

After sheathing the Abyssal Blade, Shi Feng took out a Return Scroll and started chanting, returning to Red Leaf Town. If he were to run back instead, he would, with a 100% chance, be late. If he were to make the Snow Goddess wait for him, he dared not to think of the consequences...

Red Leaf Town, Trade Area.

After Shi Feng transformed back to his original appearance, he made some minor adjustments to the appearance of the Silvermoon Set Equipment. It now looked more like an assembled set of Bronze Equipment. If Shi Feng were to appear in front of Gentle Snow with his original appearance, she would definitely find something fishy about it. At that time, Shi Feng would not find it easy to explain himself.

Brother Feng, were over here. Blackie stood up and shouted as he saw Shi Feng walking over.

The others, as well, stood up to welcome Shi Feng when they saw him approaching, sending gazes of appreciation at him. If Shi Feng had not let Blackie carry them, they most likely would not have been able to reach Level 5 so quickly, and very likely, they would still be struggling at the bottom of the ranks.

Currently, most of the veteran players in Gods Domain were Level 4, and a minority had reached Level 5. However, there was nothing great about the equipment they were using. If veteran players were lucky, they might possess one or two pieces of Bronze Equipment that had good Attributes. Only those expert players would possess six or seven pieces of Bronze Equipment. On the other hand, every one of them now possessed seven or eight pieces of Bronze Equipment.

Originally, this reason alone already caused them to be extremely grateful towards Shi Feng. They all decided to continue following Shi Feng. They never thought that Blackie would actually be willing to sign a contract with them, allowing them to join Zero Wing Workshop and become one of its official members. They could also enjoy a monthly salary of 4,000 Credits.

They were not just fools playing a game. They knew the treatment an official member received in other Workshops. The treatment for official members of top-ranking Workshops in the city only received a monthly salary of 3,000 Credits. Even so, many veteran players would still try to worm themselves into these Workshops in whichever way they could. Meanwhile, they were just a bunch of fresh noobs, yet, they actually had a monthly salary of 4,000 Credits. This situation was just like a dream to them.

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Although they requested to lower the treatment they received, Blackie had firmly rejected all of them. He had said that Shi Feng had personally declared it as such, and no changes were permitted.

Helpless, they could only sign the contract, becoming official members of Zero Wing Workshop.

Although they looked well-off now, deep in their hearts, they were very clear about their own strengths. It was practically impossible for them to get invited to a Workshop. It would be a good thing if they could even become outer members, not to mention official members.

Shi Feng swept a glance at everyones equipment. Based on his many years of experience, he could roughly estimate an equipments Attributes. The Basic Attributes of the equipment his party members were wearing had definitely exceeded the elite members of many small Guilds. However, it was still not enough, Lets make a trip to the Warehouse first.

Everyone was confused. What were they going to do at the Warehouse?

However, they did not question Shi Fengs decision, only following him.

Arriving at the Bank, Shi Feng retrieved all the equipment that could be used by his party members. He obtained all of the equipment from the Treasure Chests he opened in the Moonlight Forest. Every piece of the equipment had extremely good Attributes.

Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw the equipment. They had ceaselessly grinded monsters and had even killed quite a few Elites. Yet, all of their gains combined could not even rival the equipment Shi Feng had obtained by himself. The quality was, of course, much higher. It was all Level 5 Bronze Equipment, surpassing the Level 2 or Level 3 equipment they obtained by leaps and bounds.

Brother Feng, how many Elite monsters did you actually kill?! Blackies heart was filled with shock. However, he did not remain courteous as he swapped all his equipment that could be swapped. After doing so, the set of equipment on his person was just slightly weaker than a Level 5 Bronze Set Equipment. However, the Level 5 Mysterious-Iron Staff he wielded easily made up for this gap.

The other party members also fully swapped out their equipment. Their Basic Attributes right now far surpassed those of the elite members of large Guilds.

Every one of them had exchanged their shotguns for cannons. Even if they were to enter a twenty-man Dungeon right now, they would still be full of confidence.

Shi Feng examined through everyones Attributes once, nodding his head in satisfaction as he said, Lets go.

Chapter end

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