Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 55 - Moon Drip

Chapter 55 - Moon Drip

Chapter 55 - Moon Drip

Shi Feng entered deep thought. He did not understand how Fantasy Extinguisher completed this Epic Quest in his previous life.

Who the heck would know where the Bible of Darkness was stored?

Moreover, in his previous life, the information Shi Feng collected regarding this Quest was very incomplete, so the parts he could use as reference were extremely limited.

Currently, the evil curse Shi Feng was shouldering even made leveling a problem. No matter what, he had to think of a solution to this problem. Otherwise, the problems he would face in the future would be even greater.

Esteemed Miss Sharlyn, I am now cursed by the demon. Do you have any methods to resolve it? Shi Feng calmed his heart. He turned to look at Sharlyn, who was currently in a delicate state, asking, Also, where can I find the Bible of Darkness? Even just a clue is helpful.

Hearing Shi Fengs series of questions, a bright smile appeared on Sharlyns pure countenance.

You sure have a lot of questions, huh, you little bastard? Its not like I dont have a method to resolve your curse. However, you should know, to get something, you have to give something in return. There is only one way to dispel the curse, and that is to carry out a Moon Drip. The Moon Drip is a ceremony that can dispel all magic and curses in the world. However, many materials are required to carry out this ceremony. I will provide the materials required, but in return, you have to pay 3 Gold Coins as remuneration for my services. If you wish to obtain a clue to the Bible of Darkness, you have to pay an additional 10 Gold Coins as an information fee.

Shi Feng felt a chill going down his spine as he looked at Sharlyns expression, which became more excited the more she explained. It was especially true for Sharlyns eyes. Even if she looked incomparably pure right now, her appearance was still not enough to hide the burning desire within her eyes.

In the end, one word still dictated everything.


System: Do you wish to accept the Quest to dispel the curse?

Esteemed Miss Sharlyn, I am willing to pay the remunerations. What else could he have said? However, Sharlyns asking price of 3 Gold Coins was just too high. There was not a single player in White River City who could afford such an amount right now.

Since you are willing, then pay a deposit of 1 Gold Coin, Sharlyn stretched out her delicate hand without restraint.

Seeing Sharlyns actions, Shi Feng suspected that she had some sort of x-ray technique. However, he had to pay the money sooner or later, so Shi Feng reluctantly handed over 1 Gold Coin to Sharlyn.

The moment Shi Feng had handed over the money, he went from being a wealthy tycoon to being a poor peasant.

Here, this is for you. You need to fill the energy within this thing first. It will lead you to the Moonlight Forest to collect thirty pieces of Moonstone. Its fine if you just bring them back to me, Sharlyn took the shining Gold Coin with lightning speed, then took out a fist-sized crystal orb and passed it to Shi Feng.

System: Quest Moon Drip accepted. You must collect thirty pieces of Moonstone and 2 Gold Coins for Sharlyn. Upon completion, Sharlyn will dispel the evil curse of the Great Demon on you.

Shi Feng received the crystal orb and took a look at it.

[Teleportation Magic Orb]

Able to teleport the user to and from the Moonlight Forest immediately after activation.

Activation condition: 200,000 EXP needed to be stored.

Two hundred thousand experience points were enough to let the average player rise from Level 0 to Level 7 within an instant. To Shi Feng right now, such an amount was asking for his life.

Currently, the experience he obtained from killing monsters would be reduced by 95%. He would obtain absolutely no experience from killing monsters of the same level. As for Elites, he would just be able to obtain around 10 EXP for killing one that was a Level higher. That meant he would have to kill twenty thousand Elites that were 1 Level higher than hem to collect 200,000 EXP. How long would it take for him to kill that many?! Moreover, there werent even that many Elite monsters in Red Leaf Town.

It really is worthy of being called an Epic Quest? The difficulty is truly insane, Shi Feng bitterly laughed.

In Shi Fengs previous life, Fantasy Extinguisher had the support of the first-rate Guild, [Fantasy Shrine]. So, he was able to complete the Quest after much difficulty. However, Shi Feng did not have the support of a first-rate Guild. It would be extremely difficult if he wanted to complete the Quest. However, as long as Shi Feng completed it, the rewards would easily outshine the troubles. The rewards for this Epic Quest resulted in Fantasy Extinguishers fame.

Although Shi Feng did not have a first-rate Guild supporting him, he was a reincarnated person. He still had quite an advantage over the other players. At the very least, he would not lose out to the first-rate Guilds regarding earning money.

It looks like I can only return and forge Garrison Armors for now. Shi Feng kept the crystal orb and left the Library. He planned to first earn enough Gold Coins before thinking of a way to store up 200,000 EXP.

The sky outside was already bright by the time Shi Feng returned to the Trade Area. Many players already left to kill monsters and level up, emptying the streets by quite a bit. Shi Feng immediately went to the Bank to retrieve the forging materials and the Philosophers Stone.

Just when Shi Feng was headed to the Forging Association, a notification came from the System.

System: The Garrison Heavy Armor you have placed on auction has been sold. After deducting the processing fees, a total of 31 Silvers 53 Coppers have been added to your bag space.

Is it worth that much? Shi Feng was shocked.

The Level 3 Garrison Heavy Armor was just a piece of equipment that had similar Attributes to a Mysterious-Iron Equipment. At most, it was worth 20 Silver Coins. Now, however, it had been sold for over 30 Silver Coins. One could just imagine how frantic these Guilds were towards the Garrison Heavy Armor.

Shi Fengs enthusiasm was further boosted with the arrival of this information. He could not help but wish he could immediately forge a hundred pieces of Garrison Armor, selling them and making a big profit.

Hence, Shi Feng activated Windwalk as he rushed towards the Forging Association. Without hesitation, Shi Feng reserved an Intermediate Forging Room for twenty hours. If he did not reap the money of those Guilds right now, he would not be doing justice towards his own reincarnation.

Inside the Forging Room, Shi Feng refined all the Stone he collected, going all-out as he forged the Garrison Armors.

When the first Garrison Armor was successfully forged...

System: Garrison Armor has been successfully forged. Forgery Proficiency increased by 2 points. Obtained 800 EXP.

System: Do you wish to store the experience obtained in the Teleportation Magic Orb?

Suddenly, Shi Feng halted the work he was doing. He called out the System Interface, taking a careful look.

I obtained 800 EXP from forging? Shi Feng placed a hand on his chin, pondering. Suddenly, he said with a smile, How could I forget about this in a panic? The curse is only aimed at the experience obtained from killing monsters. It has no effect towards experience that is rewarded.

Although a lot of time was needed to forge a piece of equipment, it was a different story if the success rate was very high. Shi Fengs leveling speed at that time would be a lot faster than the average player, even with the 95% experience reduction state he was currently under.

With such an opportune method in hand, the difficulty of the Epic Quest had been greatly reduced in an instant.

Moreover, Shi Feng had the Book of Forging. It could increase the success rate of forging the Garrison Armor up to 60%. With it, Shi Fengs leveling speed would greatly surpass even the expert players. It would not be long before he would finish collecting the 200,000 EXP.

In such a way, Shi Feng could earn not just money, but experience as well. It was killing two birds with one stone. It was absolutely great.

Fantasy Extinguisher most likely did not imagine there was such a quick method to dispelling the curse.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng immediately adjusted for the System to distribute 100% of the experience he obtained to be stored in the Teleportation Magic Orb. Then, he picked up an ore and started happily forging equipment.

FiNd pdtes on n()/vln(.)cm

Because of his improved mood, Shi Fengs hands became much more nimble. The Hundred Refinement Hammer in his hands was like a musical instrument, rhythmically beating out a moving melody.

By the time Shi Feng regained his sense of self, he was suddenly dumbfounded by the Garrison Armor before him.

Chapter end

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