Martial God Asura – Chapter 87 The Chu Family Has Difficulties

Chapter 87 The Chu Family Has Difficulties

MGA: Chapter 87 The Chu Family Has Difficulties

On the road leading to the Leaning Mountain Town, Chu Renyi and some Chu family members were being surrounded and attacked by a group of people.

At that instant, most of the Chu family members had heavy injuries and they laid on the side of the road. Within some of them, because their injuries were too heavy, they passed away. Only Chu Renyi who was at the 8th level of the Spirit realm painfully propped himself up.

But facing 6 people at the 8th level of the Spirit realm along with several injured enemies at the 7th level of the Spirit realm, Chu Renyi was obviously at a disadvantage. He had countless wounds and he was breathing roughly with huge breaths. Currently, helplessness was within his gaze.

Chu Renyi, you never would have thought that we waited many hours for you right? Today, no one can save your Chu family. How many Chu family members that come back are how many will die! The male leader fiercely said.

Mazhong, my Chu family has no enmity with your Ma family. Why are you helping the Xu family and harming my Chu family?! Chu Renyi loudly questioned.

Haha, Chu Renyi. You should be clear in your heart why we are joining together to deal with your Chu family. You think that you could hide this thing from others? Mazhong coldly smiled as he crowded around Chu Renyi while revealing killing intent.

We will still need to see if you have the ability to deal with my Chu family. But just at that time, a clear voice exploded like thunder.

To the sudden voice, the Ma family jumped in fear and quickly turned their heads to look back. The seemingly unimportant action caused everyone to be shocked.

They saw a young man riding a big, white horse. He was slowly going towards their direction, and obviously, that person was Chu Feng.

Thats the young man of the Chu family, Chu Feng. Why has he returned?

Somethings wrong. Look at his clothes! Thats...the Azure Dragon Schools core disciple clothing.

At the Chu family gathering, the people did see Chu Feng before so they instantly recognized him with a glance. However, when they saw Chu Fengs core disciple clothing, they were all greatly shocked.

From the end of the Chu family gathering, one short month hadnt even passed. But, clearly, the Chu Feng who was only an inner court disciple so quickly became a core disciple. That simply was unimaginable.

Even though they knew Chu Fengs talent was impressive and he would become extremely useful in the future, they never would have thought that his talent was that outstanding. It exceeded their imaginations.

Chu Feng, run! Suddenly, Chu Renyi yelled out.

Surround him. Do not let him escape. Hearing that, Mazhong reacted to it and quickly instructed the crowd to surround Chu Feng.

As for Chu Feng, he did not even put the group of people in his eyes. He stood there, high on the horse and looked down on the extremely nervous crowd that sealed his exit.

Haha, you little demon. Youre quite impressive, becoming a core disciple of the Azure Dragon School at that age. It would be fairly dreadful if we let you continue developing. Seeing that Chu Fengs escape was sealed, Mazhong laughed in relief.

Thats right. Today, we must completely exterminate the Chu family or else there would be endless troubles in the future.

The other people also echoed him. After all, Chu Fengs talent was too terrifying. So strong that it made them feel fear. If they didnt kill Chu Feng, there would be too many troubles in the future.

Bastards. You want to exterminate my Chu family? Go dream. At that instant, Chu Renyi was as if he was insane and rushed forward.

Today, a calamity really arrived at the Chu family and pretty much the entire Leaning Mountain Town was going to be perished. The hopes of the Chu family were placed on the young generation, and obviously, Chu Feng was their biggest hope within the young generation. Although he personally did not like Chu Feng, as part of the Chu family, he had to protect Chu Feng even if he sacrificed his life.

Chu Feng, run! Tell Yueer and the others not to return to the Leaning Mountain Town! As Chu Renyi slaughtered as best as he could, he loudly yelled out.

Hmph. You cant even look after yourself yet you want to save others. Kill them all.

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Mazhong coldly snorted and he waved and chopped towards Chu Renyi with an iron blade in his hands. At the same time, the others also attacked Chu Feng. Their moves were heartless and they really were planning to kill.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

Mazhong was also at the 8th level of the Spirit realm but he was in his heathy years. In addition to Chu Renyi already heavily injured, Mazhongs blade was unusually strong. After a few chops, Chu Renyi was incomparably strained. His speed already slowed and it was hard for him to defend.


But just at that time, endless cries of pain started to sound behind him. At first, Mazhong ignored it and he even thought that it was his own subordinates that were beating Chu Feng up.

However, the more he heard, the more he felt something was off. Those voices seemed to be from his own subordinates and from nearby, seeing the Chu family members expression that had happiness within surprise, he finally understood that perhaps things did not happen as smoothly as he imagined.


Feeling that someone was wrong, Mazhong faked a strike then dashed to the side. Taking a glance, he was instantly stunned. He saw the body and the head of the Ma family members separate as they breathed no more.

Looking over, he saw Chu Fengs body which was sprayed with blood yet he was without a scratch as he stepped on the corpse of a Ma family member. He was wiping away the bloodstains on his hand with their clothes, and seemingly feeling Mazhongs gaze, he couldnt help but turn his head and he revealed an evil smile.


At that instant, Mazhongs face paled from fear and he quickly backed off a few steps. The blade in his hand was also thrown at the ground. With a trip, he fell on the ground with a poof.

He never would have thought that the many experts of the Ma family would be instantly slaughtered by Chu Feng. His methods were even so cruel as all of them were decapitated.

How did the young man in front of him even look like a person that had no experience of the world? He was simply a demon that had ruthless methods, a cold heart, and killed without even blinking. Especially when Chu Feng cast his gaze towards him and shone the killing intent from his body, the repression almost made him suffocate.

Chu Feng did not pay attention to Mazhongs reactions. He walked forward, one step at a time, and he picked up the blade that Mazhong dropped on the floor. After looking at it for a while, he said, Nice blade.

*whoosh* Before he even finished speaking, a cold light flashed past and blood sprayed out. Mazhongs did not even have the chance to cry out before his head fell on the floor.

Looking at that scene, even Chu Renyi and the Chu family members trembled from fright. Drops of cold sweat appeared on their forehead.

Everything that happened was too inconceivable. Putting off how Chu Fengs strength was so strong that he could kill people of the 8th level of the Spirit realm like killing a little chick, with his age, how could he be so ruthless? After all, Chu Feng was still a young man that was 15 years old. Even big adults might not have been able to do all those things.

Uncle, what happened? Chu Feng threw the blade to the side and quickly questioned. He could tell that the Chu family seemed to have met with difficulties.

Fenger, theres a great catastrophe. After Chu Fengs question, only then did Chu Renyi recover from his shock as he emotionally explained everything that happened.

Chapter end

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