Martial God Asura – Chapter 76 Break Them, Got It

Chapter 76 Break Them, Got It

MGA: Chapter 76 Break Them, Got It


A burst of light steps resonated in the tunnel. Su Mei was swaying her light and soft body and her sparkling drops of sweat were falling. She was excitedly running because the door to the Azure Dragon Flower Garden was right in front of her eyes.

After opening that door, it was equal to her passing the exam and becoming a core disciple. The most important thing were the 7-Coloured Flowers that she wanted to see the most and they were in the world behind those doors.


Following a deep sound, the thick and heavy door was slowly opened by Su Mei. The sunlight poured down and Su Mei couldnt help but close her eyes as she felt the warm air hitting her face.

But when she opened her eyes again and saw the scene in front of her eyes, the face that originally had a smile hung on it instantly froze. Replacing it was heavy shock.

From nearby, a person was kneeling down. His face was full of blood and he was painfully supporting his body trying to climb up. He was the alliance master of the Wings Alliance, Situ Yu.


But before Situ Yu even stood up, a strong foot fiercely stepped onto his body. The powerful strength ferociously sank him back down. A mouthful of blood sprayed out from his mouth.

The person that stepped on Situ Yu was the alliance master of the Sword Alliance, Jian Fengyi. Beside Jian Fengyi stood another person. It was the alliance master of the World Alliance, Luowu.

What are you doing? Seeing that scene, Su Mei was surprised and also endlessly angry at the same time.

Oh? Isnt this the #1 beauty in the inner court, Su Mei? Looking at Su Mei, Luowu excitedly laughed.

Su Mei, run! Theyve joined hands and theyre attacking the Wings Alliance! Seeing Su Mei, Situ Yu loudly yelled out.

Shut up! Before the words even fell, Jian Fengyi kicked fiercely again towards Situ Yus stomach. He painfully curled up in a ball and he couldnt speak.

You two bastards. Seeing that in front of her, how could Su Mei run and escape? She angrily rushed towards them.

But how could the her who was at the 8th level of the Spirit realm beat both Jian Fengyi and Luowu? Very quickly, she was suppressed by them but they did not harm her. They took out a rope made out of special materials and tied her up.

What are you planning to do?! Su Mei angrily bellowed. Although Situ Yu was not as close to her as Chu Feng, he was still a decent friend. Seeing Situ Yu being abused by them, she really couldnt bear to look at it.

Hehe, no need to get agitated Su Mei. We just want your Wings Alliance members to be broken here.

If you dont understand what Im saying, I can clarify and tell you. Every single member of the Wings Alliance will fail this years exam. Jian Fengyi smiled and said.

Bastard, this is against the rules. Wait until the exam is finished. I will tell my sister and you will pay the price.

Haha, Su Mei, youre overestimating your sister. I admit, were afraid of her in the inner court. However, when we become core disciples, can she even do anything to us? Luowu refuted what she said.

Fine, thats what you said. Well see about that. Su Mei viciously said.

No need to scare us with your sister. We know that you also have many friends in the core zone, but since we decided to do all this, naturally, were not afraid of you and your sister. Jian Fengyi said disdainfully.

After arriving here, the disciples that passed the mechanisms started to enter the Azure Dragon Flower Garden. But, all Wings Alliance members would receive the violent beatings of Jian Fengyi and Luowu.

After that, the 11 out of the 12 Wings Alliance members that participated in the exam all landed into the hands of the World Alliance and the Sword Alliance.

The thing that astonished Su Mei and the others were that all the members of the World Alliance and the Sword Alliance passed the underground palace. Even the members of the 7th level of the Spirit realm passed and their speed was also very shocking.

At that moment, the members from the World Alliance and the Sword Alliance were humiliating the Wings Alliance members one after the other. Almost all the members had green noses and swollen faces. They were injured everywhere on their bodies but no one yelled out. They were grinding their teeths and enduring.

Hey, its strange. Why hasnt that boy passed yet? He wouldnt have failed right? Looking at the door that was not opened. Luowu was a bit disappointed.

He better have failed or else he would be the most miserable one here. Jian Fengyi coldly snorted.

You better release us now, kneel on the ground and bang your heads to us while begging for forgiveness. Or else when Chu Feng comes here he will not let you go.

Su Mei said very fiercely. At that instant, she was extreme enraged. Looking at her comrades being beaten up so badly, she really had the heart to kill.

Oh, so that little guy was Chu Feng. Su Mei, you seem to have a lot of confidence in that Chu Feng. You like him do you? Seeing that, Luowu chuckled as he walked next to Su Mei.

Of course she does. That boy is Su Meis lover. Jian Fengyi said on the side.

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Is that so? Su Mei, your eyes are a bit too bad. How can you like such a weak person? Rather than him, why not like me? Heh... Luowu kneeled down and used his hand to hold Su Meis chin.

Leave! If you touch me Ill get my sister to kill you!

Really? Seeing how you are, Im afraid even if I dont do anything to you, youll still say bad things about me to your sister right?

But no need to fear. I just want to kiss you. Come here darling and let me have a taste.

Luowu licked his lips and stuck his mouth out. His donkey-like big lips started to advance towards Su Meis white, sweet, and beautiful face.


But before he even touched Su Mei, an angrily yell like the thunder exploded. A wind swept past and Chu Feng appeared next to Luowu like a ghost.

*wuu* Chu Fengs hand was like a claw of an eagle as it fiercely grasped onto Luowus neck and pressed him to the ground.

You want to kiss right? Ill let you kiss. Ill let you damn kiss.

After pressing Luowu to the ground, Chu Feng raised his left hand, formed it into a fist and punched several times at Luowus mouth with huge bangs. After that, Luowu had a mouthful of blood, entire mouth of shattered teeth and even a broken jaw. He opened his mouth and he was preparing to spit out blood.

Swallow it back down.

Seeing that, Chu Feng angrily yelled and restrained Luowus mouth with his hands. Any struggle from Luowu was helpless, so at the end, he could only swallow the mouthful of blood and teeth down his throat.

This...This guy.

Looking at Chu Feng and Luowu, the World Alliance members and the Sword Alliance members were broken by fear. Even Jian Fengyis expression changed greatly.

He was extremely clear what strength Luowu had. He was at the 9th level of the Spirit realm, knew a Mysterious Technique and a rank 4 martial skill. Otherwise, the two of them could not so easily defeat Situ Yu.

But such a strong Luowu was completely helpless in front of Chu Feng. What did that mean? It meant that Chu Fengs strength was far above Luowus.

Just as they were staring blankly, Chu Feng suddenly stood up. Looking at Luowu again, he had white foam coming out from his mouth, showing the whites of his eyes as he lost consciousness.

The current Chu Feng had an icy face, cold gaze in his eyes and his entire body was emitting cold air. Just by looking at him, people would shiver and tremble even though it was not cold.

Little Mei, how do you want to take care of these people?

Break them.

Got it.

Chapter end

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