Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 76 Ivan’s Patronus

Chapter 76 Ivan’s Patronus

They felt a chill, it was like all the happiness was sucked away.

Harrys face was pale, his expression was terrified, it was like he experienced the most horrific tragedy that has every befell man.

Everyone froze, Harry fainted to the ground.

Ron hurried to his side.

Malfoy looked terrified, he didnt have a chance to laugh at Harry.

Go away, We dont have what you seek! said Ivan while trembling.

Hering his words made the dementors pause. A rotten smell filled the air as the dementors turned to leave. Ivan breathed a sigh of relief.

In the next second a clicking sound filled the compartment, Colin had pulled out his camera and taken a picture.

The act seemed to have annoyed the dementors, it jerked forward.

Expecto Patronum shouted Ivan, he had studied the spell during his summer vacation for this unavoidable incident, Ivan tried to think of the happiest thing he could think of, A thin wisp of silver shot out from his wand and hovered like mist before him.

His spell soon attracted another dementor, Ivan could feel his spell failing, he cant hold on much longer, behind him where nine people that looked like they were about to faint.

The barrier was becoming smaller and smaller, Ivan stepped back.

He was panting violently, his wand hand was shaking.

As the two dementors came closer, he could feel all the happiness fade.

Ivan felt that his courage and hope were also fading, leaving only despair.

Ivan tightly gripped his wand, Ivan had reached his limit, the silver barrier was full of cracks, it was constantly breaking and reforming. The light was becoming dimmer, just when he thought it was all over, a hand suddenly helped him hold onto his wand.

It was Hermione, her hand was cold to the touch.

In the dark, Hermione courageously stood beside Ivan, the two people supported the light in the dark.

Hermione might be cold but she sparked a fire within Ivan, his despair was burned away, only courage remained.

The light from his wand grew stronger and stronger, the shield became wider. His Patronus was begining to take form, the animal looked familiar, the animal seemed familiar, Ivans eyes widened, this..

In the next second, he saw a silver wolf knock the dementors down, it then disappeared without a trace.

The lights were soon restored, and then a strange middle-aged man came in wearing an extremely shabby robe with patches in several places. He looked very sickly and tired, his light brown hair was mingled with white.

He is Professor Lupin, he was sleeping in the compartment we were in. whispered Hermione, What were those creatures and what was the spell that you used? Why did I seem to see..

It was the Patronus Charm!

Before Ivan could answer he heard Lupin, Lupin took out a large chunk of chocolate from his bosom and divided it into small pieces.

Ivan ate a little, he felt a warm sensation feel his body. He saw the other people scramble to wake Harry, Harry slowly opened his eyes.

Harry, are you okay? asked Ron nervously.

Im okay! Harry looked at the door and saw the dementors had gone, he breathed a sigh of relief, Where did those creatures go? And who was screaming just now?

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Those creatures were warded off by Ivan and no one was screaming.

But I heard screams and saw a green light said Harry as he shook his head stubbornly.

Harry, I think you should rest!

Lupin looked worried, he handed a particularly large piece of chocolate to Harry, Here you go, eat it, Its good for you.

Professor, what were those things? Harry didnt eat his chocolate, he just looked at Lupin.

They are Dementors from Azkaban! Lupin crumpled the empty chocolate wrapper and put it in his pocket, The fact is this little guy has done an excellent job before I got here. You need to eat the chocolate now, I need to go talk to the driver!

Ivan saw Lupin exit the compartment and disappear down the hallway.

By the time he turned his head back, everyone was staring at him, even Malfoy, Goyle, and Crabbe.

Dont look at me like that, professor Lupin already told you they are Dementors, they are the guards of Azkaban.

Dementors, Azkaban! said Harry, Harry raised his head awkwardly, Did anyone faint besides me?

No! Ron looked at Harry anxiously.

Although everyone was afraid, no one fainted which made Harry face a little pale. He didnt understand why he felt so weak.

Harry began to feel a little embarrassed.

Ivan, what did you do to ward off the dementors, how come I saw whispered Hermione.

Well, well, it was the..

Wait a minute Ivan! Ron hurried and stopped Ivan, he turned his head and looked at Malfoy and the others, I dont think it is appropriate for Slytherin students to hear about such a good spell.

That is ridiculous, Weasley, do you think I would listen to a mud bloods nonsense. Malfoy gaze slowly crossed a few faces before it finally fell on Harry, when it did it glowed with malice, Be careful, Potter and stop acting like a dazed child.

You wernt any better when the dementors came in, you started trembling. Said Ron.

Hum but at least I didnt faint! muttered Malfoy, they left the compartment with their chocolate.

Well go on Ivan!

After Malfoys departure, the atmosphere was much lighter.

There isnt really a reason to keep this magic a secret, I just used the Patronus Charm. It is very unpopular but it is also very advanced magic, it can be used to resit the dementors. This was the first time I used is so it wasnt very powerful and I couldnt fully form the guardian. If you want to learn it I can teach it to you, In fact, Im going to put the instruction on how to use it in the newspaper so no one has to be afraid of the dementors.

Ivan had just finished when he suddenly thought of what kind of Guardian was forming, it seemed to.

He shook his head, it must have been an illusion, How can it be something like that.

Chapter end

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