Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 62 – The Proud Son Of Heavens

Chapter 62 – The Proud Son Of Heavens

Nobody expected Bai Shichen would actually die under Yang Lingqings hands. After he saw his son who was completely fine, being mutilated into pieces, Bai Zhanlongs mind turned blank. All that remained in his mind was a single word: Kill!

When he turned around and saw this girl from the Yang Family, her slender figure defending the Yang Family members at the front, Bai Zhanlong did not dare to believe that his super powerful and genius son had actually perished under her hands!

One reason that contributed greatly to this was that Bai Shichen had underestimated Yang Lingqing. An even bigger reason was the sudden rise in her power!

With his sons death, Bai Zhanlong turned insane. Bai Shiji, who was standing not far away from Bai Shichen, also had a pale complexion. As for Bai Zhanfeng, his face turned steely while he used a venomous pair of eyes to look towards the Yang Family members.

Not a single one of the Yang Family members will leave this place alive!

Bai Zhanfeng gritted his teeth and said these words. Bai Zhanlong was now akin to a wild dragon and madly charged towards Yang Lingqing!

[TL Note: His name is, , or Bai Zhanlong, and the , or long, part of his name means dragon.]

The strength of the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm was like a huge wave surging while Yang Lingqing was only a small raft amidst it. Under this tempest, her only ending was death.

Since she already knew that it would result to that, Yang Lingqing could only resign herself to her fate. She was not scared of death but rather that her actions would implicate the others. She was extremely heartbroken and as she despaired the sudden red flash of a figure had charged into her sight!

Instantly, Yang Lingqings heart lit up with joy. Her originally tightened heartstrings had now completely loosened. Seeing this figure, she felt extremely serene.

ChenElder Brother.

When she saw the familiar figure, she already knew that it was Long Chen. If Bai Zhanlongs speed was like a whirlwind then Long Chen would be like a hurricane. He had instantly passed both Bai Zhanfeng and Bai Shiji and headed straight towards Bai Zhanlong!

As an enormous aura from his back came pressing towards him Bai Zhanlong, who was toying with Yang Lingqings life, finally turned around and recovered from his blind rage. This aura made him realise that even if he were to kill Yang Lingqing, the next to die would be him.

Bai Zhanlong did not know exactly who it was behind him but, naturally, he simply cared for his own life. He hesitated for a while, and during this period Yang Lingqing had managed to retreat backwards. As for Bai Zhanlong, he once again charged forward several steps but suddenly the threat from a fatal attack came enveloping his body!

He was dumbstruck as he turned around. What made his eyes widen drastically was that a blood red figure had suddenly appeared in his eyesight. Bai Zhanlong only saw a silhouette and the full power of the attack, which was too strong to be blocked, hit directly on his body!

As the fatal attack struck and hurt his whole body, Bai Zhanlong was in so much pain that he could barely breathe. Although he had only seen the silhouette of a red shadow, Bai Zhanlong already knew who it belonged to.

Long Chen. Only Long Chen possessed this armour of blood red scales. This realization made Bai Zhanlong feel a sense of helplessness.

From just one hit by Long Chen, his defenses were completely shattered. Bai Zhanlong knew that not only he was defeated, but the Bai Family too!

If the Bai Family was not defeated, there was no way Long Chen would be able to appear here with such enormous strength!

After throwing out another blow, Long Chen directly hit Bai Zhanlong who was on the ground. As his chest suffered another punch from Long Chen, the spikes on Long Chens fist deeply pierced through it and caused his chest to become a gruesome, bloody, and contorted mess!

A mouthful of blood spurted out, and quickly dyed his whole face red. Bai Zhanlong endured that immense pain and tried his hardest to open his eyes. Unfortunately for him, his whole vision had already turned red and gradually became smaller. He faintly discovered that in the upper region of his sight was a piercing red sun and under the sunlight, a blood red figure lightly swept past his body. The image of a perfect armour of blood red scales was reflected in his dim eyes.


Only then did Bai Zhanlongs world turned pitch black.

After beating Bai Zhanlong to death, Long Chen came before Yang Lingqing. Seeing that little girl who was sobbing quietly, Long Chen dotingly embraced her while Yang Lingqing hugged tightly onto him and cried even more vigorously. Her tears soaked Long Chens clothing.

When Yang Lingyue, who was behind them, saw Long Chen appear and use such tyrannical might to kill Bai Zhanlong, she was so moved that she couldnt breathe.

The position that Long Chen held in her heart, since the time he had beaten her on the stage, had already risen rapidly. Up till today, Yang Lingqing had long ago placed him as the pillar of support in the Yang Family, as well as her own personal support!

As for Yang Wu, his face that was originally devoid of colour finally had some health back. He breathed in deeply and, after seeing the blood red figure under the sun, bowed his head completely.

Only he will be the true and proud son of the heavens. Before him I, Yang Wu, will simply be a mortal man

All of the Yang Family members looked at the current Long Chen. They had let go of their feelings of despair instantly. In the past they could have never imagined that one day Long Chen would become their saviour. Whenever Long Chen appeared, they understood that they were completely out of danger and that the Yang Family would always win.

There were many complicated, yet moved, expressions from the masses when looking at Long Chen.

As Long Chen was caressing Yang Lingqings hair, a gentle voice entered her ears.

Lingqing, I am sorry that brother came so late this time and made you suffer

Yang Lingqing, who was originally very tense, now relaxed. Her heart was completely filled with joy and relaxation. She felt the need to tell Long Chen of the boundless grievance she held, but just couldnt bring herself to do it.

You dont need to say anything; I know what it is that you want to say. This time you were extremely brave. As expected, you are the sister of me, Long Chen. As for the bad guys, who bullied you, there is only one ending for them and that is death

When they saw that Bai Zhanlong had only received two attacks from Long Chen yet died miserably from that, Bai Zhanfeng and Bai Shiji no longer felt anger but instead deep fear towards Long Chen.

They did not have the ability to think of how Long Chen escaped from the Bai Familys inescapable net or why he would be this strong. After Long Chens appearance and his forceful killing of Bai Zhanlong, their hearts were all completely devoured by fear!

Bai Shiji would never have imagined that the soft and immature brat from before would now cause him to be in such a fearful state. He was the same as Bai Zhanfeng, breaking into a run and running as fast as they could!

As he ran away, Bai Zhanfengs mind finally cleared. However, the clearer he felt, the more fearful he got.

How did he appear here? How can he be this strong? Could it be that Fathers extreme preparations cannot finish him off? The Human Dan Realm cultivator was actually not his match? This is impossible, how can this kid be so terrifying?

The waves of emotion in Bai Zhanfengs heart surged and by this point he had already run all the way down Big Barren Mountain. When he finally thought he was safe, a flash of red suddenly appeared in front of him and blocked his path.

Bai Zhanfengs complexion instantly changed!

Under my hands, you still think of escaping?

Long Chens frosty voice entered Bai Zhanxiongs ears. Just after Bai Zhanfeng heard Long Chens words, the figure in front of him disappeared and he felt a power directly enter his body, making his perfect body instantly ravaged into a ruined corpse!

Why me?

After Bai Zhanfeng uttered those words, his internal organs were ruptured by Long Chens [Nine Fingers of the Wind Devil]. Very soon, his consciousness faded into nothingness and his eyes widened with a clear look of disbelief in them.

As the corpse toppled, Long Chen shook his head.

There is no reason to ask why?. As long as you are our enemy, you must meet your demise.

Once again, he disappeared from that place and headed towards Bai Shiji who had run quite a distance already. Bai Shiji, who was running with his maximum speed, was completely unable to outrun Long Chen whose speed was like a violent gust of wind.

At the time Bai Shiji had entered the Big Barren Mountain, he saw Long Chen was only chasing after Bai Zhanfeng and so he heaved a sigh of relief. His gaze turned sinister as he said: Yang Family, by letting me escape today, I, Bai Shiji, will definitely train and endure any hardships. The day I succeed, will be the day your Yang Family will perish!

Is that right?

When the voice sounded behind Bai Shiji, his face instantly paled and he felt a strong power applied on his body. As he faced such an enormous pressure, he was completely defenseless against it and was dragged backwards!

He knew that it was Long Chen who was dragging him.

Bai Shiji had never tried to move at such a speed and even Bai Sheng had never ran that fast while carrying him. As he ran, he could only feel the wind blowing and only hazily noticed his surroundings.

At this moment, Long Chen stuck his face right in front of him. Seeing the frightened and despair-filled look on Bai Shiji, he laughed and said: Since you said it like this, all the more reason I cannot spare you.

Hearing these words from Long Chen scared Bai Shiji into peeing in his pants. He soon realized that he was captured and taken back to where all the Yang Family members were. Seeing so many cold gazes fixed upon him, Bai Shijis mighty aura faded away into nothingness. He miserably kneeled on the floor in front of Long Chen and said with tears streaming down this face: Please spare me! Even if I, Bai Shiji, have to slave my whole life and serve you I am willing to! I beg of you to please spare me, I will never dare do it again

Seeing such a pathetic figure from Bai Shiji only made Long Chen look down on him even more. Long Chen suddenly remembered Bai Shijis previously haughty looks. It was an irony that he was now kneeling before him and begging for mercy. His heart felt deeply rueful.

All this was because of power. Father would never ever harm me and his words were all golden nuggets of wisdom. I definitely cannot be satisfied with my current level. Otherwise, one day I will be the one kneeling in front of others.Gett your avorite ovels at no/v/e/lbn(.)com

Looking at Bai Shijis actions, the Yang Family could only feel disgusted.

Especially Yang Lingyue. Previously, in her eyes, Bai Shiji was an elegant young man and was countless times more outstanding than the useless brat Long Chen. Yang Lingyue had once pictured Long Chen kneeling in front of Bai Shichen, never the other way around. It was more pathetic than she had ever imagined.

Thinking back to the previously mighty Bai Shiji and how he had injured her brother Yang Wu, Yang Lingyue only held extreme rage towards him. Especially since she did not know if Founder Yang and the rest were still alive. The killing intent she held for Bai Shiji was the greatest amongst the Yang Family members.

Suddenly, Long Chen looked at Yang Lingyue and plainly said: Sister Lingyue, youll kill him!

Hearing Long Chen suddenly, Yang Lingyue was initially stunned.

Lingyue, you should go and kill Bai Shiji. It is about time that you start to grow up.

Yang Wus voice slowly travelled from her bosom. She looked at her heavily injured brother and then at Long Chen and Yang Lingqing. Thinking that Yang Lingqing had actually killed Bai Shichen by herself, Yang Lingyue was extremely impressed with her. Now, would she be able to kill Bai Shiji by herself?

After hearing those words, Bai Shijis expression changed. As he saw Long Chens cold expression, he already knew that he wouldnt have any hope left. Therefore, he wanted to use Lingyue as his hostage. But, how could Long Chen not anticipate his actions?

Bai Shiji barely moved before he was given another punch to his chest which made him fall to the ground. He felt that all of the bones in his body had fallen apart as the pain spread and made it impossible for him to move.

Lingqing, lend me a sword.

Yang Lingyues icy voice entered Bai Shijis ears. Instantly, Bai Shiji was so scared that his face was drained of colour. He hastily said: Lingyue, please dont be like this. You mustntI really love you. If not, why would I have given you that emerald necklace and that pair of earrings previously?

After Bai Shiji finished speaking, the emerald necklace and shiny earrings were thrown in his face. Through the silver glitter of the jewellry, Bai Shiji saw an even larger glint of the Phantom Glass Sword. After exhaling, Bai Shiji felt an icy cold material pierce through his heart.

In his semi-conscious state, Yang Lingyues beauty once again appeared in his vision. Very soon, however, his entire world gradually dissipated.

Piercing the Phantom Glass Sword through Bai Shijis heart, Yang Lingyue collapsed on the floor and blankly laughed: Bai Shiji, you had said it before: Only by digging your heart out will I be able to know if you placed me inside your heart. Now that I have finally done it, I see it clearly and the answer was: No

Long Chen patted her head, saying: Dont be silly. That kind of persons heart is filled with only dogs blood. How could he have the heart of a beauty like you?

Chapter end

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