Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 56 – Xue Yuanzi

Chapter 56 – Xue Yuanzi

The moment Bai Sheng had shouted the name Xue Yuanzi, Long Chen immediately knew that something was amiss!

He originally thought that after winning the fight with Bai Li he could rescue Yang Xueqing and obtain the Soul Diffusion Fruit. However, at this moment it seemed that something unexpected was about to happen.

Long Chen had always been suspicious of why the two Bai Brothers would capture Yang Xueqing but not use her against them. Now, it appeared that someone else was hiding inside the granite cave, seemingly of high status and power. It seemed that the Bai Brothers had only invited this expert over on the off-chance that some unexpected events occurred and what just happened definitely constitutes an extremely unlikely turn of events!

The Bai Brothers would have never expected this outcome, Bai Li being defeated by Long Chen.

Bai Li, who was hit by Long Chens [Seal of the High Profound Dragon], did not lose his consciousness at this point. His face was extremely pale and he gazed manically at Long Chen and sneered: Kid, I never thought that you would actually be able to defeat me. However, you would never guess that although my Bai Family did not expect this outcome, we still made ample preparations. I believe Xue Yuanzi will let you know the meaning of suffering and agony

As Bai Li said these words, Long Chen already felt an immense aura coming from the depths of the granite cave. This super expert went undiscovered by even Lingxi and it appeared that Yang Xueqing, who was close to the Soul Diffusion Fruit Tree, did not know of it either.

So, when everyone felt that stifling aura, Yang Xueqing, who had been unbelievably elated as Long Chen had beaten Bai Li, turned extremely pale. She panicked and said to Long Chen: YouHurry and go, you will definitely not be able to beat this person, bring my father and leave!

She had a panic stricken face, but Long Chen did not move.

This Xue Yuanzi is most likely from the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. I wonder what his strength is at.

At this point, Long Chen did not feel very confident.

In his heart, Xue Yuanzi could be a ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm cultivator, or even an existence that surpasses the Dragon Pulse Realm!

If his strength is over the Dragon Pulse Realm then, with my current strength, I will definitely die! Not to mention saving my mother or obtaining the Soul Diffusion Fruits!

Long Chen understood the situation clearly but he also knew that there was no backing out at this point. Although Yang Xueqing still put on a frantic expression, the unbending will of Long Chen and his responsibility did not allow him to retreat even half a step back!

Dont say anymore! I am not someone who escapes easily!

As he growled and spoke to Yang Xueqing, Long Chen coldly looked at the faintly smiling person that walked out from the granite cave.

Upon seeing the determination in Long Chens eyes Yang Xueqing, who was originally panic stricken, suddenly stopped. The reason was that she abruptly felt that this youth had long exceeded her vision and as to what his true character was, she knew nothing at all.

And by this time, the person named Xue Yuanzi walked out. As he walked past Bai Li, he first looked at him and then at Long Chen. He then frowned and said: You are able to beat Bai Li. Although it isnt such a bad feat, many people in Yuanling City are able to achieve the same. However, in such a small place like this you should be considered as a genius.

He was extremely honest in his evaluation towards Long Chen. After sizing Long Chen up closely, he clicked his tongue and nodded his head saying: This body of a Beast Warrior isnt too bad and if I were to guess, it should belong to the Underground Blood Lizards soul. Its not bad, but today you have hurt my men and even want to fight for the Soul Diffusion Fruits with me. Now that you have already created enmity between us, I dont think I can let you leave here alive

Long Chen also coldly sized up this person.

His figure was as skinny as a matchstick and he wore a black robe. It seemed like his age wasnt too old, approximately 30 years or so. His eyes, however, were extremely sinister and between his brows was the red dot, the trademark of the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. Also, another special feature was that his hair and brows had faint signs of red colour.

At this moment he was clicking his tongue and sizing Long Chen up, showing that he was not worried about Long Chen at all.

However, Long Chen did not feel stifled by this.

From this persons appearance, Long Chen knew that he was much stronger than Bai Li and Bai Sheng. Also, he saw Long Chens age and ability to beat Bai Li but he was not in the slightest bit surprised. This showed that he had experience in seeing things like these.

Someone who has such experience will definitely be a strong person. At the very least someone who surpasses the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm

Thinking thus, Long Chen felt helpless.

However, the disdain in the opponents eyes and his disregarding expression made Long Chen feel extremely indignant.

My mother is just in front of me along with the Soul Diffusion Fruit. I have even defeated Bai Li! How can I be willing to be defeated here?

Seeing this strange yet vicious looking Xue Yuanzi, Long Chen clenched his fists tightly and the gaze in his eyes was frosty as he met Xue Yuanzi head on.

Xue Yuanzi noticed the unwillingness in that gaze and momentarily laughed. He nonchalantly ruffled his hair and sneered: You are really like a newborn calf who does not know fear towards a tiger. Merely beating such a retard like Bai Li and you think you are invincible. Indeed, you are not someone who has seen the outside world and do not know your place.

He immediately turned around and looked at Yang Xueqing and his gaze filled with lust. He rubbed both of his hands together and said: This lady here is your mother? There is, indeed, that unbelievable appeal in her which I am extremely fond of

Turning back, Xue Yuanzi spoke to Long Chen expectantly: Your mothers sex appeal is still there and your talent isnt too bad either. How about this, you and your mother follow me back to Yuanling City and I promise I wont kill you then. What do you think?

Everyone understood what that eagerness in Xue Yuanzis gaze implied.

At this moment the most furious were the Bai Brothers. Bai Sheng was still fighting with Founder Yang and Bai Li, who was still conscious, gave a look of disbelief towards Xue Yuanzi. Bai Li furiously shouted: Xue Yuanzi, you promised us that you will kill them! What do you mean by saying those words?

Xue Yuanzi smiled happily and looked at Bai Li, saying: What other meaning can I have? I, Xue Yuanzi, will do whatever I please. Dont tell me that I have to report everything I do to a trash like you? Bai Li, from the time I entered the Human Dan Realm you and I were no longer equals and yet you still foolishly believed that I would help you?

Hearing these words, Bai Li instantly sucked in a deep breath and said: Xue Yuanzi, so many years of friendship and today you actually spouted these words, really

Heavenly punishment? Divine judgement? Okay now, Bai Li, dont say such silly things that amuse me. I really wonder how you were able to remain so laughably ignorant after all these years?

What Long Chen did not expect was that this Xue Yuanzi, who looked to be merely 30 years of age, was actually similar in age to Bai Li, which meant he was about 60 odd years old.


Long Chen eyes squinted.

You damned old fellow, actually want to hit on my mother? And even want to adopt me as your son?

Looking at the frightened expression on Yang Xueqing, Long Chen was heartbroken. He felt that it was because he wasnt strong enough that she had to be this frightened right now. Maybe it was due to the thoughts of torture in her future but Long Chen had actually seen suicidal thoughts in her mind.

With her, Yang Xueqings, current abilities, naturally no one could stop her from committing suicide.

No matter how much pressure Xue Yuanzi had given Long Chen, after seeing that frightened look on Yang Xueqings face he knew that it was time for him to straighten his backbone.

Actually, it should be Long Qinglans role to protect her right now but seeing as Long Qinglan wasnt there any longer, Long Chen knew he had to shoulder this responsibility.

Old man, this damned old geezer wants to violate your woman. You, who are so awe inspiring to me, if you are there watching from the heavens then bless us all and pray that we are able to escape this calamity

Bai Lis wild shouts were exchanged with Xue Yuanzis smirk and although it had not matured, Long Chens frosty voice sounded out with absolute determination beside Xue Yuanzis ears.

You old fart, you want to be my father? Seeing your appearance, even if you come begging me to accept you as my grandson, I will still feel my status lowering!Th. most uptodat nvels are published on n(0)velbj)n(.)co/m

This insult by Long Chen momentarily stunned Xue Yuanzi. Seeing the cold gaze gradually emanating from Long Chen, he felt t Long Chen might as well have been spitting words made of ice.

I thought you might have some brains, but never think that youre just a donkey. Foolish people have no right to live on this earth. Oh well, I will send you to your death. But dont worry; I will definitely do a great job to replace your father in loving this elegant beautiful mother of yours

At first, Bai Li thought that Long Chen would take advantage of this opportunity and establish a connection with Xue Yuanzi. He never thought that Long Chen would reply Xue Yuanzi in this manner. He was shocked at first and then he helplessly laughed at himself and said: Although this brat from Yang Family has a blood feud with me, he still has some backbone. Sadly, no matter how much backbone he has, after meeting a Human Dan Realm cultivator he will still have to die prematurely. After all, Human Dan Realm is an existence with strength surpassing the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm by ten times!

Although Xue Yuanzi had said he would send Long Chen to hell, he never attacked him. Instead, he walked over to Yang Xueqings side. Yang Xueqing, who wore a horrified expression at first, had now changed into an expression of resolution after hearing Long Chens words.

Xue Yuanzi used his finger to lift her porcelain white chin and looked at Yang Xueqing whose eyes were filled with fury. He then cackled and said: What a young and tender woman! I heard that you have been living like a widow for so many years, I imagine that you must be feeling a little itchy? Big Brother, I am really so sorry for appearing this late!

He turned around and looked towards Long Chen, shaking his head while saying: I could have treated both of you, mother and son, well. Alas, your son wasnt tactful so I can only destroy him before I can be at peace.

At this moment, Long Chen walked towards him one step at a time and his surging blood red Qi was constantly boiling within him. One could see the madness and rage within his crimson coloured eyes!

You old geezer, release her

Xue Yuanzi laughed and said: What did you say?

I said

Feeling the countless blood dragons that howled within him, Long Chen abruptly raised his head and bellowed: I want you to release her!

Chapter end

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