Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 52 – Reverse Scale Of A Dragon

Chapter 52 – Reverse Scale Of A Dragon

From the Burning Heavens Mountain Plains to Big Barren Mountain, Long Chen had already travelled for a day.

Very soon he reached Big Barren Mountain and realised that there seemed to be no changes. This showed that the Soul Diffusion Fruits had not ripened yet and the battle between the Bai and the Yang family had not started. Only then did Long Chen heaved a sigh of relief.

Thankfully the Soul Diffusion Fruits have not ripened yet. Lingxi, next time if there is something as important as this, if you arent too sure, I beg of you to clarify

I know already! Youre so long-winded!

Long Chen then stopped his nagging and thinking of the Soul Diffusion Fruit which was ripening soon, the Yang Family members should be very nervous during this time. It was of vital importance for Long Chen to regroup with Founder Yang and discuss the matter of the Soul Diffusion Fruits.

Very soon, Long Chen entered Poplar Town and found that there were much fewer people on the streets. It was not as bustling as before and although everything was rather serene, Long Chen sensed that it was the calm before the storm.

Even if the Yang Family had become the prefecture of Poplar Town, the Bai Family still had two experts of the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm which meant that their strength was still a little stronger than the Yang Family.

And right now, the Lingwu Family people had already left and the Bai Family was unwilling to admit defeat. Many of the people in Poplar Town knew that the two families, which were originally so close, had now turned into arch enemies and there would most likely be a huge battle for power!

This was why there were few people on the streets, which turned Poplar Town into a rather quiet town.

Soon, Long Chen saw the huge doors of the Yang residence. However, there were about a dozen guards at the door and they all had nervous expressions. Long Chen suddenly had a bad premonition and accelerated his footsteps.

At this point, the guards saw him and one went back to report the news. As for the others, they came forward and said: Young Master Chen, Founder Yang said to look for him immediately once you returned!

Their anxious expressions caused Long Chen to feel even more worried so he practically ran into the residence. Soon, Founder Yang and the rest of the family met him and, seeing the steely expression on Founder Yangs face, Long Chen knew that something was amiss. He scanned everyones faces and saw that they all had their brows knitted and saddened expressions on their faces. It was only then he noticed that Yang Xueqing was not amongst them!

Grandfather, wheres my mother?!

Seeing that Long Chens expression had turned into one of fury, Founder Yang grabbed his arms and then pulled him to take a seat on a stone stool beside him. Founder Yang then said: Chen Er, Ill tell you, but you better not act rashly because there is still a method to salvage the situation

A blood red aura leaked out of Long Chens eyes because from Founder Yangs words, he already 100 percent confirmed that something had happened to Yang Xueqing!

Although the relationship between the both of them was still complicated, Long Chen would still never allow anyone to hurt her!

Only after hearing that Founder Yang said that there was a way to save her, Long Chen coldly said: Grandfather, tell me, I am not a rash person. Tell me everything that happened and I will listen to your opinion before taking action!

Founder Yang nodded his head and there was a mix of sadness and anger in his expression, he said: It happened yesterday. Yang Xueqing continued to leave Poplar Town on her own but she was discovered by the two old geezers from the Bai Family. Right now, she has been captured and brought back to the Bai residence! Dont worry, they havent killed her yet so there is still a chance! Chen Er, blame me, your grandfather, for being useless. I went to the Bai Family and even fought both of the brothers but I was alone so obviously I wasnt their match! However, I can assure you that your mother is doing fine!

So things had actually turned out this way?

Just recently, he wanted to forgive Yang Xueqing and thought that he would protect this woman in the future, but after leaving for only a little while she was actually kidnapped! To Long Chen, this was a provocation that raised his fury so high that it could burn the heavens!

Ever since Long Chen killed Bai Zhanxiong, Yang Xueqing frequently visited Long Qinglans grave. At that time, Long Chen did not think much of it but he would never have thought because of this that Yang Xueqing was kidnapped!

Kidnapping my mother, yet not killing her. Bai Family, although I dont know what you are trying to achieve, but if my mother comes to any harm I, Long Chen, will drink your blood and devour your flesh!

Thinking of Yang Xueqing, his rage slowly built up inside of him and the blood red aura slowly crept up to the top of his head. Seeing Long Chens current appearance, the Yang Family members all kept quiet out of fear!

This wont do! My mother is still in their hands and the Bai Family hate me down right to the bones. If I were to waste any more time, who knows what might happen to my mother! If something did, even if I kill all of the Bai Family members, nothing can be salvaged!

Thinking so, Long Chen viciously raised his head and looked at Founder Yang saying: Grandfather, I wasnt around earlier and let misfortune befall my mother. This is all my fault! Now that Im backIll bring the fight to the Bai Family!

Founder Yang also had this plan in mind and, thinking that they would definitely battle for the Soul Diffusion Fruit, the fact that his daughter was in their hands made him extremely worried. Although he believed that Long Chen wasnt Bai Lis match, he coldly said: Chen Er, this time let us make a trip there together. I want to see how the Bai Family can handle this grandfather and grandson duo! Qingxuan, you defend the residence of the Yang Family, and while Im not around and something happens to the Yang Family, I will make you account for it!

Founder Yang and Long Chen wanted to go to the Bai residence to fight and if there were no experts to hold the fort in the Yang residence, who knows if something might happen. Although Yang Qingxuan had very much wanted to go with them, for the sake of everyone else he still nodded his head. At this point, Long Chen had already rushed out with Founder Yang.

All of the Yang Family members clenched their fists tightly and watched their disappearing figures.

At this point Yang Yuntian, who had been frowning, saw the similarly furrowed brows on Yang Qingxuan and bitterly said: Big Brother, both of the Bai Brothers are a good sixty years older than Long Chen. With sixty years more of battle experience, how could he be a match for them? Will our Yang Family perish this time?

Yang Qingxuan shook his head and said: I too am not sure. Let heaven decide their fate

Hearing Yang Yuntian saying the word perish, the faces of Yang Wu, Yang Lingyue and the rest had all been drained of colour and although the others avidly talked about it, some had even started sobbing.

At this moment, as Yang Lingqing stared blankly at Long Chens back, she saw that Long Chen was so flustered. It was obvious that he cared for Yang Xueqing and seeing that both mother and son were able to recover from their previous relationship made Yang Lingqing extremely happy.

She silently waited for Long Chen to bring back Yang Xueqing safely!

At this point, the blood red aura that was covering Long Chen had increased by several times more and even Founder Yang could feel that Long Chens body was exuding a dense and fiendish aura!

This aura even made Founder Yang mildly afraid!

Chen Er, right now your mother should be fine so you must stabilise your mind and not do things rashly. If you accidentally hurt your mother because of that, you will only be more remorseful!

Long Chen also understood this point, but how could the anxiety and rage inside him be quelled this easily?

He could only nod his head, saying: Grandfather, I am fine. However, I will give the Bai Family a good time today!

Founder Yang did not know how to respond and very soon the both of them arrived at the Bai residence. Long Chen started to become wary because, at this point, there were no guards stationed at the gates of the Bai residence and as he kicked open the gates right away, he was surprised to find that the whole interior was vacant!

Long Chen, there is no need to search anymore. Right now, there isnt anyone in the Bai Family residence at all

Long Chen had done a check of the entire residence by the time Lingxis voice sounded!

Founder Yangs face was impassive as he walked over and coldly said: These Bai Family members had actually all left! Chen Er, what do you think they are trying to do?

At this point Long Chen forced himself to control his raging fury and made an effort to use logic to handle the problem. However, once he thought of the repulsive faces of the Bai Family members and that Yang Xueqing could be in danger right now and how she was actually a rather pitiable woman, the murderous intent in his heart only grew!

He had already made a promise in his mind to protect her but now he was unable to keep to it. This feeling made him feel extremely stifled and his animosity towards the Bai Family only increased!

I have mentioned it before, never ever provoke me! If you do, you will all die horrible deaths much worse than Bai Zhanxiongs!ViiSiit nvelb/n(.)c/()m for ltest vels

Seeing the fury in Long Chens gaze, Founder Yang did not know whether to feel relieved or angry. He was relieved that there was no more estrangement between both mother and child but angry that the mending relationship of mother and son had now been broken by the Bai Family!

Right now, Long Chen had already thought it through saying: The Bai Family had already sent everyone away. Most likely because they were afraid of us massacring their family members or hold them as hostages! I do not believe the Bai Family could let go of the Soul Diffusion Fruit so I think that their experts are all at Big Barren Mountain! Grandfather, we have to hurry over there!

Founder Yang thought about it too and he instantly felt that it all made sense. As the both of them prepared to go to the Big Barren Mountain, there was a rainbow coloured light that emitted in that direction. A concentrated aroma dispersed and covered the entire Big Barren Mountain and even spread towards Poplar Town!

Long Chen, Long Chen! It is the time for t the Soul Diffusion Fruit to ripen! Hurry over there now! With this phenomenon happening it wont be much longer before it ripens!

Soul Diffusion Fruit, huh?

There was a blazing gaze in Long Chens eyes.

If I have not guessed wrongly, you guys wanted to hold my mother as a hostage and threaten me during the fight for the Soul Diffusion Fruit, huh?

Long Chen muttered to himself and saw that Founder Yang furrowed his brows, saying: The Bai Family members hate us to the core, and the reason for capturing Yang Xueqing is to threaten usAt that time we will only be concerned about Yang Xueqings life

Using my mothers life to threaten me?

Thinking of Yang Xueqing, the blood aura seemingly rushed into Long Chens sea of consciousness and Lingxi could feel that concentrated and ruthless aura. She suddenly thought of a saying: He who touches the reverse scales of a dragon will definitely die!

[TL Note: () Reverse Scale: The Chinese Dragons do contain a rough spot, a Reverse Scale below their chins. When it is touched, it causes them to rage and devastate the earth with their rampaging power. This is their weak spot.]

Right now, Long Chen was already a Dragon Warrior and he had obtained the Inherited Blood Essence from the Immemorial Blood Spirit Dragon. He was already branded with the mark of a dragon and now the Bai Family had touched his reverse scale, it resulted in Long Chen having such a blood reeking aura that seemed to come from the heavens!

He who touches the reverse scales of a dragon will definitely die!

Looking at the direction of Big Barren Mountain, Long Chen inhaled a deep breath of air and then wildly dashed towards it!

Behind Long Chen, seeing his aura constantly on the rise and looked as if it was ready to explode at any given moment, Founder Yang let out a gratifying expression. But, once he thought of the Bai Family who might use Yang Xueqing to threaten Long Chen, he frowned and the worry in his heart began to grow

All along, Long Chen knew he wasnt Bai Lis match and with the constraints of Yang Xueqing, could it be the end for our Yang Family?

Chapter end

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