Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 19 – Mysterious Barrier

Chapter 19 – Mysterious Barrier

[Seal of the Ashened Dragon]

Sitting on his bed at the pavilion, Long Chen flipped the pages of the secret [Seal of the Dragons] scroll till he was sleepy. Only then did he place the [Seal of the Dragons] beside the bed.

Because it is a high level martial technique, many people in the Yang family have not practiced it. Looking at the sheepskin and the withered materials, my [Seal of the Dragons] scroll, should be the original. Father had said that there was some secret on it which is crucial for my development to become a Dragon Warrior. But why cant I find out what it is?

Long Chen rolled on the bed, staring out of the window as if in a trance.

What broken thing is this, isnt this just a few pieces of sheepskin manual? What secrets can it even keep? By now so many members of the Yang family have already seen this secret martial technique. If there was a secret it would have been discovered since long ago

Long Chen was a little dispirited.

Thats not true! Long Chen excitedly sat up on the bed.

The secret should not be that easy to be discovered, so thats why so many of the Yang family members have not discovered it yet. And father has asked me to obtain this secret scroll, so if I were to work a little harder, I will naturally know what is hidden within!

Picking up the [Seal of the Dragons] again, and looking at each line of cursive yet elegant handwriting, Long Chen looked through each and every single word. He had scrutinised carefully even the corners of each page, but in the end it was all in vain.

I am now in the fifth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, however with the mastery of the [Celestial Core Technique], an average sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm cultivator is no match for me. Together with the [Seal of the Dragons], the battle strength I can exert is even stronger. Such a pity that the [Celestial Core Technique] is only an Intermediate Huang martial technique, if I were to face a cultivator of the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, I would not have any advantages at all with this

The demonic beast hunting competition is about to start and that Bai Shiji hates me to the core. If Im not able to find a solution before then, then I will definitely die, and I definitely wont be making a name for myself!Ne/w novel chaptrs are published on no/vel(/bin(.)co/m

Thinking of Bai Shiji who was already in the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, Long Chen frowned deeply.

He was the most aware of his own abilities. Against a cultivator at the sixth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, he could most likely win easily. But against a cultivator at the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, there was not much hope for him.

The Dragon Pulse Realm is split into 9 realms, and the first six levels Dragon Veins are all named as Small Dragon Veins. The Small Dragon Veins are not that durable in strength nor do they have a long pathway, so the explosion of Qi is limited.

As for the difference between the sixth and the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, it is a huge gap. The Dragon Veins of the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm and onwards are labelled as the Human Dragon Vein, the Earth Dragon Vein and respectively the Heaven Dragon Vein. And each length and durability is at least double in size and length as that of a Small Dragon Vein. The Heaven Dragon Vein is even more winding, the length is almost similar to the previous eight Dragon Veins added up!

So Long Chen knew, that in this Dragon Pulse Realm, the further one goes the harder it becomes to break through. This is also the exact reason why cultivators at the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm are so rare!

As for Long Chen, the greatest difference between him and Bai Shiji is the Human Dragon Vein. The Qi required to break through the seventh level, needs to be more than ten times as much as that of the sixth level. So by comparison, just Bai Shijis Qi alone, is much greater than Long Chens by 20 or even 30 times already.


Long Chens eyes emitted a cold gaze, while he thought: Bai Shiji is Bai Zhanxiongs son. If he is his son, I must definitely become stronger than him. That way I can let that woman acknowledge me completely. And so that she knows exactly who is the trash and who is not fit to practice martial techniques!

Although he had said this, in his heart there was still a heavy pressure. Because at least right now, he had no idea on what to do with the [Seal of the Dragons] in his hands. And if he spent the next ten plus days being so muddle-headed, then it would be fair to say that he will have to continue like that for the rest of his life!

What exactly is this Dragon Warrior thing? Father actually said that it was a long lost legend? I have heard of the ultra-mysterious Beast Warrior and of the Armament Warrior, but Ive never heard of a Dragon Warrior

However, both father and Lingxi said that this vast land is named as the Long Ji Continent, and that the people here are descendants of the Ancestral Dragons. I think that this Dragon Warrior has something to do with these dragons of the myth, possibly an inextricably linked connection!

In the intra-family competition, because of Lingxis attack, most likely her energy has diminished. So even though three days have passed, she actually has not woken up yet. Long Chen was quite worried in his heart and thought: Is this girl just gonna die like this? I think the consumption for her to appear was too great the last time. Even if she was my benefactor, she has already saved me twice. But I said I want to protect her so if anything ever happens in the future, I cannot let her help me again!

Once again he looked at the [Seal of the Dragons] in his hands.

Father had only wanted me to obtain this secret scroll, but he never told me how to discover its secret. So I still have to rely on my own ability. If only Lingxi was here, her identity is so mysterious. She must have a colossal backing behind her, and probably has had many experiences. I think she could solve this problem for me.

Sighing, Long Chen laid on the bed and covered his face with the [Seal of the Dragons].

Whats wrong?

Long Chen realised, just as he placed the scroll over his head, that the mysterious Dragon Pendant which had no activity had suddenly moved, but then there were no further actions.

Suddenly at this moment, there was a thin thread of a voice, and the owner sounded anemic.

On this secret scroll, there seems to be a barrier

The person who said this was Lingxi. Right now the Lingxi sword was changed into the form of an ear pin and was attached to Long Chens ear. So even if her voice was very soft, Long Chen could still hear it carefully.

After hearing Lingxis voice, Long Chens worries from the past few days had finally lessened a bit. However Lingxi still sounded very feeble and he knew that she had not recovered fully. So he hurriedly asked: Xiao Xi, how is your condition now? This time its all because of my rashness. I swear I will not let such a thing happen again in the future. Each time you have come out it has left you so weak

Its alright Lingxi interrupted.

Long Chen was moved a little, but he still bit his lips and said: What is alright? You had better remember it for me, in the future do not be nosy. If I were to die carelessly under someones hands, that is well deserved. But if you die because of me, I Long Chen will blame myself for the rest of my life. And I would be better off dead in that case!

Tell me, what exactly is your situation right now.

Long Chen had been infuriated slightly so Lingxi had kept quiet in fear. And then in a gentle tone: My physical body has already disappeared, right now my surroundings are pitch black, and my consciousness right now is being preserved only because of my spirit strength. Each time I use it my strength will diminish a little. Last time my mind was in a mess and in fear, so I directed the Lingxi sword to fly for a very far distance. My spirit strength is almost finishing, and adding on to that the last two times I appeared, if I do not have any medicine that could heal and prolong my spirit, I think I will

Long Chen shouted from a bolt out of the blue and said: Why didnt you say so sooner!?

Lingxi felt like she had been wronged, so she said sobbing: I just woke up, so why are you so fierce with me? And also if I didnt appear this last time you would have been dead already. There was no time to talk about it at all

Only then did Long Chen calm down, and after keeping his silence for a while, he said: Xiao Xi, thank you, but as a man, in the future, I do not need you to appear for me anymore. The medicine you mentioned earlier which can nurture your spirit, I will go find it for you right now!

Lingxi was practically the one who used her life to exchange for his, so while Long Chen did not say how touched he was, but deep in his heart, he had already considered Lingxis life as his life. And whats most important is the fact that he had to be the one responsible for his own life.

Hence Long Chen kept the [Seal of the Dragons] in his arms and left the house. He wasnt so familiar with the medicine of cultivators, but Long Chen had one person in the Yang family with which he could somewhat get along with. This person was Yang Lingqing, so he decided to look for her.

A medicine which nurtures the spirit cannot be found so easily, and generally they are rather expensive. Long Chen, have I become a burden for you?

What bull** are you saying!? You saved my life, so I am simply spending my time and effort for you in return. How can it be considered as a burden? Has water entered your brain now?

Although on the way Long Chen spoke very harshly, but in his speech there was a strong concern and urgency detected, which Lingxi appreciated. Looking at this unwavering young man in front of her, her mind started thinking of some stuff. This disaster that has befallen upon her, had let her mature gradually unlike the carefree life she had from before.

Oh right, earlier you said there was a barrier placed on the [Seal of the Dragons]? Are you able to remove it?

Earlier because of Lingxi, he had actually forgotten about the most important thing. And as he thought about it now, Long Chens face was eagerly filled with expectations.

Right now with my current spirit strength, its not enough for me to even look at the barrier closely. However if I were to get the medicine for my spirit, I can definitely give it a try.

Long Chen was belated and said: What a good Xiao Xi. As expected you are very capable. If you had a body how good would that be, I could kiss you now to reward you!

After saying this, Long Chen laughed out loudly.

Hng! Dream on, such an ugly toad like you wants to eat swan meat!? However if you want to undo the barrier, the medicine cannot be just a little. I am a voracious eater so if you need me to do anything in the future, its very simple, I must eat medicine!

[TL Note: (Idiom) A toad wanting to eat swan meat. means to crave for someone that you are unworthy of.]

Okay okay, you medicinal junkie.

After the joke, the atmosphere wasnt that gloomy as before. However Long Chen understood that the responsibilities he carried now will be heavier than before.

Not only does he have to become stronger, but he also has to amass more treasures, since only medicine with spirit healing properties can prolong Lingxis life.

Such a small place like Poplar Town, will it have Spirit Healing Medicine

Long Chen was still deeply concerned.

Walking towards the courtyard of the Yang family, at the instant that the guards and maids had noticed him, they hurriedly casted a smile towards him. However their smiles were forced, and looked even uglier than their crying faces.

Long Chens performance in the intra-family competition, had led him to a high position in the Yang family. And adding to that his strong capabilities and his vicious nature, how would these small frys dare to be disrespectful towards him. It would be akin to asking for punishment because they had nothing better to do.

On the side, Yang Wu was watching silently as a row of guards walked past and greeted Long Chen. His expression gradually turned darker.

Originally this item had belonged to Xiao Yue Er, but now it is stolen by this lackey. Look at that arrogant face of a servant of yours. However, I wonder for how long you can be pleased with yourself.

Grandfather regards you importantly right now, but its just to make use of you. Although Second Uncles cultivation is still in the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, he has been faithful in carrying out his duties for the family business and has sacrificed so much for the Yang family until now. You actually think that a useless playboy such as you, who has tarnished the reputation of the Yang family since you were young, can actually replace him? Youre like a sparrow that thinks that if it flies up the branch it turns into a phoenix.

[TL Note: (Idiom) Sparrow that thinks that if it flies up the branch it turns into a phoenix means it does not matter how hard a commoner tries, because he will always be a commoner.]

Long Chen actually knew that Yang Wu was looking at him, but he couldnt care less.

If anyone were to hit his own sister, Long Chen would most likely immediately go up to that person and fight that person with all his might. So whatever Yang Wu was thinking, he understood it.

Xiao Xi, do you see the guy who is staring at me like he has a grudge?

I see it, but it doesnt look like he has a grudge on you.

You dont know the truth, but actually he is a pervert, and he has been having a crush on me for a long time already. But alas the both of us are guys, so he doesnt dare to say it out, but the feelings he holds for me are more precious than pearls

Ah, thats so gross, Im going to vomit!

Chapter end

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