A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 26: Kojima Haruko *

Chapter 26: Kojima Haruko *

, Dispatching the ten slaves she just bought and with the storage ring filled with more than three million yuan, Hexi arrived in a good mood at the most prosperous place in Yan Jing city, East Street., It was currently the busiest time of the day for East Street, the shops on both sides of the street had their doors opened wide. Shop owners raised their voices' to attract customers, while clamorous, joyous, and noisy sounds intertwined together, creating a thriving scene., Hexi found out that everything and more was available here, any magical item, magic pill, spiritual food, basic cultivation methods…everything you can’t imagine can be found here., She looked at everything with interest as she wandered down the street, buying a lot of things on the way. She continued like this until the sun passed wu1, then she decided to enter the busiest restaurant., With an outstanding reputation in Yan Jing city, this restaurant was known as the Intoxicated Immortal. All the dishes available were cooked using ingredients filled with spiritual energy. For an ordinary person, eating here can clear their core and increase their energy, strengthening their body. While a martial artist wouldn’t need to worry about the impurities contained in ordinary food building up., Therefore, the price of every dish in Intoxicated Immortal was expensive, so naturally that meant all of the customers were wealthy people., Once Hexi entered Intoxicated Immortal, she received warm hospitality from the waiters. It wasn’t only because of her extraordinary appearance, but because she was dressed like a wealthy youngster, wearing a luxurious brocade with a jade belt. Even more, her gestures revealed a graceful and noble aura. With an expression of distinct cold disaffection, it was as if no one was worthy in her eyes., Hexi was also not polite, after sitting down she let the waiters bring out all of Intoxicated Immortals signature dishes. The straightforward and happy waiters were all beaming with smiles, itching to provide high service to this wealthy man., While waiting for the spiritual food to be delivered, Hexi was sitting by the window on the side, watching the bustling crowd on the street with interest., At this moment, she heard an excited discussion coming from several women behind her., "Senior sister Jiang, with difficulty we’ve finally managed to come down from the mountain, but I wonder if we’ll be able to see his legendary Highness, the King of Hell?", "Dream on Junior sister Lu. Who doesn’t know that the King of Hell lives a secluded life, and with no one knowing his whereabouts, how can nobodies like you and I wish to see him.", "It is said that his Highness, the King of Hell, is handsome, with an elegant demeanour. He just turned twenty years old this year and his cultivation base is already unmatchable by the elders in my sect, his ability is absolutely stunning!", "Moreover, it is said that his Highness, the King of Hell, has always been a bachelor, no one has ever seen a concubine at his side…I really wonder what kind of woman would be able match such an extraordinary person.", The continuous chatter between the missies was full of excitement and yearning, and hearing what was being said only made Hexi want to shake her head., Indeed, in this world it was unavoidable that there would be idols, and fans that pursued such idols. The enthusiastic adoration of the misses was already like a blaze nearing combustion, so that if his Highness, the King of Hell appeared downstairs now, she would certainly hear all the women screaming and shouting "Your Highness, the King of Hell, I love you!", The misses behind her were in high spirits as they discussed the King of Hell's clothes, appearance, cultivation base, and even his charming manner. They reluctantly changed the topic only when the waiter brought out the first dish., Just as Hexi took a pair of chopsticks to start eating, she heard a voice from the table on the left, "Hey, did you all hear, this morning an event occurred at the genius doctor Nalan's Manor?", This person repeatedly asked his seat-mate, then laughed, "Do you know the richest family in Yan Jing city, the Zhu family that owns a crystal mine? Early this morning the Master of Zhu Manor, with his son and a large group of men, broke into Nalan Manor. The commotion they caused was so out of the ordinary that it attracted a lot of people’s attention.", ,

Chapter end

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