A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 11: Kanas Night *

Chapter 11: Kanas Night *

Inside, Hexi’s space was still the same as before. A strong and pure spirit permeated the air, and the large area of black land, although without any plants, was still filled with a nurturing vitality and exuberance., However, she was not here to focus on the land and spirit spring this time., When she had exited her space before, she had glanced at Xumi Palace, noticing that the first door was open., One must know, she had possessed this space for more than ten years, and had explored this Xumi Palace more than a thousand times. Ice, fire, dynamite…, and all the other methods she could think of, and not one door could be opened, not even a mark was left behind., Hexi quickly walked to the front of Xumi Palace, in surprise she looked at the half closed door, seeing a trace of golden light spilling out., The first door of Xumi Palace had really opened!, Becoming excited, her heart beat wildly and incessantly., Hexi had barely entered the room, when inside her head there was a tinkling sound, and an odd message appeared in her mind., Xumi mustard seed has been activated, Xumi Palace’s Jade Heaven door has been opened. Including ninth secluded spirit spring and ancient rhyme spirit field., The ninth secluded spirit spring, able to replenish spiritual energy, purify essence and heal deep wounds. Also used for a medicament to advance to peak form, and a medicament to induce childbirth., The ancient rhyme spirit field, able to shorten a plants growth by hundreds of times, and the soil will sustain spiritual plants without the need for water., Sure enough, her space had upgraded. Moreover, the black soil outside the Palace really was very beneficial to growing spiritual plants. But this ninth secluded spirit spring, the so called advancing medicament and labour inducing medicament, what did those mean?, The script slowly faded from her mind, leaving her with a smiling expression showing on her face. Now her attention was quickly attracted by the huge egg in the middle of the room., That’s right, in the middle of this Xumi Palace’s first room, hanging in the air, there was a huge egg-shaped object., From the egg a faint golden lustre was emitted, and through the thin shell, a creature with a curled body could vaguely be seen floating quietly inside., At first glance, this huge egg reminded Hexi of the pregnant women in her previous life, when they would have a four dimensional ultrasound. She had a strong intuition that the creature inside the egg was alive., But that behind the Jade Heaven door the room was empty except for a huge, unknown egg, this was too beyond her expectations., Hexi lightly stepped forward, slowly approaching the egg and circling around it, a faint fragrance like warm bread reaching her nose., She was astonished as she felt an intimate feeling, that she had never feel before, suddenly surge up from the bottom of her heart. As if the creature and her were connected by blood, her ears could even hear the “thud thud” of the young creature’s pulse., With a bewildered expression, Hexi slowly extended her hand, gently caressing the smooth surface of the huge egg., “Mother~ Mother~”, A sharp and clear immature young child’s voice suddenly echoed inside her head, causing her to jump in shock. Quickly withdrawing her hand, she looked in bewilderment at the huge egg, the golden light surrounding it had become brighter., Just now, was that her imagination? Why did it seem like she heard a child speaking?, But, this room is empty, she didn’t see even a shadow of anyone else. It couldn’t be, that this huge egg was talking to her?, Hexi’s heart was full of disbelief, not daring to believe, as she once again extended her hand, touching the huge egg that was now flickering with golden light, as if in excitement., “Mother, you finally came to see me~~ If you had not come, baby would have been bored to death inside here~~”

Chapter end

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