A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 3 - If You Meet The Wrong Person, Your Life Shall Be

Chapter 3 - If You Meet The Wrong Person, Your Life Shall Be

, , Chapter 12 – Kindness Will Be Repaid, Wrongs Must Be Avenged, Having heard what He Xi said made the four guards relax, they looked at He Xi’s eyes with extreme disdain., “ You know your worth, it’s good that you know you don’t have the qualifications to against the Zhu Family. Release us immediately, perhaps our Master and his family will let you off!”, He Xi ignored them and continued with what she had been about to say: “Killing all of you is simply too cheap for you. Since you look down upon ordinary people so much, in your lifetime, you should properly experience feeling like an ordinary person!”, Finished speaking, the Invisible Needles in her hands suddenly flew., This time the Invisible Needles did not shoot towards the acupuncture point to seal their Dantian, rather it was towards their central Dantian Sea of Qi., Their ears seemed to hear a soft sound, the next moment intense spiritual energy flashed throughout the air., “Ah ah ah ah—–!!!!” Mournful sounds were suddenly heard. Like the wailing of ghosts and the howling of wolves, the screams resonated through the sky., The bodies of the four guards suddenly felt as though they had been broken, their spiritual power was unable to be stored any more. Throughout the four limbs of their body and bones, every inch of their meridians and flesh no longer carried any spiritual power., In the blink of an eye, they could no longer feel the pulse of their Dantian, they couldn’t even feel any activity in their spiritual energy., And so their complexions, the speed completely visible to the naked eye, rapidly aged! Just a few short breaths and they changed from their thirties, in the prime of life, into fifty to sixty year old men., Having their Dantian broken caused the spiritual energy to dissipate, their cultivation base disappeared in a flash., A person’s Dantian was hidden in the body, their spiritual power was like a shelter for it. Being able to destroy a person’s Dantian, for that to happen is very near impossible., However with He Xi relying on her formidable needle technique and her understanding of the human body structure, she can easily accomplish it., From now on till forever, these four guards would no longer be able to cultivate, unable to advance their cultivation stage. They will become the most despised, an ordinary person, a group of incompetent old men., On the side there were guards with cultivation bases at the Qi Refining stage, watching and scared, as quiet as a cicada in winter, their entire bodies trembling., He Xi glanced at them and faintly said: “With a debt of gratitude I have always used kindness to repay kindness, but enemies will be repaid with revenge. They messed with me so this is their fate. You and I do not to have grievances or any hatred, naturally I will not make a move on all of you.”, When this was heard everyone immediately exhaled a long breath, their heart relaxed, the next minute each and every one of them began to close their eyes and pretend to sleep., Even when He Xi started dragging out Zhu Zhong Ba and those four guards, they also pretended not to see anything., This must be a joke, if the Master of the Zhu Family were to punish them that is a small matter, if they provoked this great aunt they would end up with a crippled cultivation base, then in this lifetime they can considered to be finished., Therefore, Young Master Zhu, you have no other choice than to seek good fortune for yourself!, At this time, the Young Master Zhu that was being pitied by everyone looked like a dead pig as he was dragged to the courtyard of Welcoming Hall., When He Xi tied him to a pillar, the swollen pig headed face of Young Master Zhu slowly started to awaken., “You….what are you doing?”, Zhu Zhong Ba’s eyes opened wide, his entire body was in pain, like someone had separated his muscles from the bones., But he was unable to do anything because suddenly, before his eyes, He Xi’s demonic smile once again appeared on her face. This type of psychological attack caused his mind to shutdown, breaking his spirit., Not waiting for Zhu Zhong Ba to speak, He Xi took out three Invisible Needles, with a flick of her hand she threw them at Zhu Zhong Ba’s body., Zhu Zhong Ba could feel the meridians in his body become sluggish, his Dantian felt like it was sealed, no longer was he able to use spiritual power., Of course, this kind of sealing the meridians and Dantian was different to becoming permanently crippled, it was merely causing the cultivation base to be sealed for a short time., This time He Xi had used three Invisible Needles, so that the Zhu Zhong Ba that had a cultivation base on the Qi Refining stage, for a short time he couldn’t use spiritual powet internally., Immediately after that He Xi took out several needles attached with the Slave Restriction spell, ruthlessly inserting them into Zhu Zhong Ba’s brain., The Invisible Needles instantly disappeared in his huge head. He Xi placed her hand on the vein on Zhu Zhong Ba’s wrist, confirming that the Invisible Needles and Slave Restriction spell were already in his internal brain, forming the Brain Domain Restriction spell, only then was she satisfied and released her hand.

Chapter end

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